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Input Text with Azerty Keyboard

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I am trying to add a question where the participants have to type a few words to answer it. I have used the textInput Demo on Pavlovia which is very useful. The problem is that I will run my experiment in France where most people have the azerty layout, the responses typed are based on the qwerty layout. Is there a way to recognise the keyboard and to adapt the keyboard responses according to it? Or just to set the Azerty layout in general?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Do you need to set a layout? I can see that there are issues with accents but pressing the A key should send and A no matter where the key is on the keyboard.

I don’t think it does. Example: I have a Qwertz keyboard and if I type a z it shows me y
I haven’t thought about the accents but this would also be an issue.

My participants made me aware of that issue too. Luckily they figured it out on their own that z and y simply were interchanged (on our qwertz keyboard).

I tried adding
} else if (textAdd === ‘y’) {
textAdd = ‘z’;

and vice versa in JS Code but since textAdd is at some point always z and y, Pavlovia returns nothing on screen. (It works fine if I enter either y->z or z->y)
I think I’ll leave the settings as they are. Z and Y aren’t too common in my language and participants were able to figure it out (this is also why I won’t bother with a dictionary for JS).

But an easy solution would be nice.