Azerty keyboard coding


Is it possible to have keyboard responses coded according to the azerty layout, rather than qwerty ?
We are developing a dictation/spelling test with French participants, who all use azerty keyboards.
Thanks for any help -

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Hi @alain
Did you find a solution for this problem? Thanks!

I found a way to code the conversion by creating code segments :

  • a conversion dict is created at the beginning of the experiment with transcoding pairs (ie, “q”, “a”; or “w”, “z”, etc) - see the “Begin Exp” tab of the code component in the attached demo script.
  • at each frame, various conversion rules are tested (see “Each Frame” tab of code component).

The attached demo illustrates the principles - they do not exhaust the qwerty/azerty differences but only the ones we did need for a simple dictation test.

Dictee.psyexp (12.3 KB)

If you ask someone to press the A key, for example, to continue, then you can quickly find out whether their keyboard is QWERTY or AZERTY.