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Inner loop doesn't run correctly (run only once and never appear again)

Hi All,
This question comes after Randomly present all blocks and then in a reverse order

I cannot connect blocks with any condition files but I want to show some stimuli only at the start of each block.

I nested three loops, trials_ref, trails, and blocks.

My condition files are like

I want to assign the first three images to trials_ref, and others to trails.
So i inserted a code componet in ref_display:

Begin Experiment:

count = 0

Begin Routine:

count = count + 1
if count >=4 :
    trials_ref.finished = True

Each frame:

image_ref_text = visual.TextStim(win)
image_ref_text.setText('What you saw is: %s' %(N_disk))
event.waitKeys(keyList = ['space'])

Like this, I intened to show the 3 references stimuli when each block starts and tells participants some information about the stimuli. Then present the main stimuli in trials.

However, with the above looping, I found trail_ref only run once in the very beginning. When the second block starts, the trial_ref doesn’t run anymore, but trials runs properly. However, I do want trials_ref to run whenever the new block starts.

Could you maybe help me with this issue?