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Initialising the experiment Pavlovia

I got it figured out! link wasn’t working because it didn’t upload correctly. thank you!

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I don’t know a single thing about coding. I had uploaded an experiment, then made changes to it and synched it. It was originally working on Pavlovia, but after the change, it’s been stuck on intitialising. Please let me know how to get through this! I’ve renamed the experiment, reuploaded with different name, deleted the old experiment etcetc.

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is - have you made your experiment public so that the java whizzkids can see the study? I can’t see (doesn’t matter anyway because i’m certainly not good with java).

I had a similar problem yesterday and realised there was a silly mistake with the javascript and I left a bracket out.

Are you saying that it still works locally using psychopy (ie…, using python) and does not work in your browser (ie., java script) - if you then the issue lies with the java script translation.

Did you autotranslate one of your own code components into a routine? This is fairly new and doesn’t always work, the issue could be in the translation, some things in that work in python don’t work in java - there’s loads of threads in the forum looking into this so try and narrow your problem down and see if someone else has the same problem by searching the forum.

And IF the issue is a java translation thing from a code component, some of the following links helped me out (I don’t know much programming either):

In this thread Jonathan walked me through how to do some basic debugging in the browser which shows how key lines of code are behaving the way that they should be, typically by printing out a value for the using console.log() - if you can narrow down the problem then one of the java experts on the forum might be more likely to pop in and give you more specific guidance.

Good luck