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Initialising the experiment.. coding problems

There was a problem with coding while creating the psychopy program.
Based on 0.17 seconds, I would like to present a feedback screen when the participant presses the keyboard later than 0.17 seconds, and continue the experiment without feedback when the reaction time is less than 0.17 seconds.
Therefore, I coded as follows, but it says coding error.
What’s wrong with my coding?

Instead of continue try continueRoutine = False

HI, Thank you for your advice.

But there’s another problem.

An error appeared as follows. Can’t I use ‘png’ images?

You can use png images but I think that some software creates png files that don’t work. Try opening and resaving in something like IrfanView

Thank you so much.
Now it can be uploaded online and everything works well, but there are other problems.

IF conditions do not apply.

If it is slower than 0.17, a feedback image should be presented.
An image is presented just by enjoying the keyboard.

I don’t think the IF conditions are possible.
Did something go wrong?

I assume that this code is in a feedback routine that follows the routine with key_resp.

You don’t need elif, just have an else clause.

170ms is very fast. Try a longer cutoff.