Initalising experiment doesn't end, but error in web developer is different than error in .js file

Hi all!

I’m trying to transfer my experiment online from. The screen is stuck on “initialising experiment”. I looked at the ‘developer tools’ on the website and it looks like the error is on line 142 of the code. I’m not sure what that error is referring to. Further, in the .js file, it looks like line 144 is actually responsible for the error. When I fixed line 144 in the code and re-synced to pavlovia, I am still getting the same syntax error message. I have two questions.

  1. How do I fix the syntax error in line 142?
  2. If online is not registering line 144 as an issue, do I need to fix it- even though it registers as an issue in the .js file?

Thanks so much in advance! :smiley: