Incorporating scoring into PSQI survey

Hi there, I am using the PSQI as part of my final year project and I saw that there is an example up on Pavlovia on a PSQI template. I thought to copy the expressions that are there so when participants fill out the survey, I can get their global PSQI score directly instead of having to calculate it by hand. However, for some reason when I copy the exact expressions for calculating Component 4, it does not work for me. I have copied it exactly how it is on Pavlovia’s own example so I am unsure why it does not work in my survey. Any idea how I could fix this?

I had a similar thought and ended up just copying the whole section of JSON code from the original version (h/t @Wake for the example!). If you are very careful about where it lands, it still works. Mostly my hope was to be able to understand the formatting well enough to implement it in other parts of my survey- not quite working.