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Incorporate/Open Cyberball into PsychoPy

Hello everyone

First of all, thank you to all of you commenting threads and posts on this forum. It has been very useful so far. Thanks to Jonathan and the developing team, this tool is awesome.

I have been reading threads and looking for an answer on Google for a few hours now and can’t yet find the solution to my problem. What I am trying to do is :

I would like to open the Cyberball (which is a small ball tossing game), from my PsychoPy experiment. PsychoPy would launch, display a few messages and stimuli, then automatically open the Cyberball program. The participant would play the Cyberball. When the game is over, it would shutdown and PsychoPy would be in the background, waiting for the participant to come back, because the experiment goes on.

Can it do it ? I did have a look at it, but could not find any information about this topic of the Internet.
It seems to me that two versions of the Cyberball are available : one to use in a standalone mode and one which seems usable in a Mathlab/E-Prime setting. Would any of view have an idea about how to integrate an external program into my PsychoPy experiment ?

Thanks by advance,


Win. 10
PsychoPy version 1.90.1