Incomplete Audio Recordings and No Speaking Start/Stop Times Online, but Works Locally

URL of experiment: Translation Task [PsychoPy]

Description of experiment: Participants are shown a word in English or French while a beep plays for 250ms. Participants then must translate the word into Spanish (the English/French stimulus remains on screen until participant advances to next screen) as quickly and accurately as possible. The beep serves as a backup to be able to calculate response time manually and the microphone recording is set to begin as the beep is played and the word appears on the screen and continue until the participant hits the space bar to advance to the next screen.

Description of the problem: Locally, my experiment records audio for the entire targeted duration (beginning of beep/when the word first appears until the participant hits the space bar) and automatically calculates speaking start/stop times, however on Pavlovia the audio recording is incomplete (it does not include the full beep, if it includes it at all) and it is not recording speaking start/stop time at all (there is not even a column in the spreadsheet for it).

Additionally, I have the experiment set to save the audio as .wav’s, which works fine locally, but on Pavlovia the audio is saving as .webm’s.

Hello Nadav,

I can “help” you with one issue. .wav is not an online sound format but a audio file format standard, developed by IBM and Microsoft, for storing an audio bitstream on PC, usually Windows.

Best wishes Jens