Include pdf-document in Pavlovia-Project

Description of the problem:

I’ve built an experiment using builder. Next I would like to run it online using the pavlovia servers. Now for that I need possible subjects to read a short two-paged document about the purpose of the experiment, the privacy of their data, etc. I’m not sure what is the most elegant way to put this.

My plan was to put a .pdf-file into the project-folder (or a subfolder thereof) and include a dialog in the very beginning (“before experiment”) using gui.dlg(). I’ve imagined something like this:

myDlg1 = gui.Dlg(title=“Information”)
myDlg1.addText(‘Please look at the following document:’)
myDlg1.addText(’—some kind of link—’)
myDlg1.addField(‘Are you okay with that?’, initial=False)
ok_data =

And the check if the user clicked okay and abort experiment if not so.
Is that even possible? Are files like a pdf accessable when stored in a project on pavlovia-servers? Or should I get another server from somewhere and store it there?

Thank you all very much in advance. :slight_smile:

The problem with having a link to a PDF is that participants may struggle to get back to the experiment.

You could have an embedded html document or I also have a Scroll Text demo which allows text within PsychoPy.

Personally, I now use my VESPR Study Portal for hosting the PI sheet so it can be read before launch.