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Implementing (several) staircase(s) inside for loop


I am trying to create an experiment with several stair cases (at least I think that is the solution). My goal is to make an experiment where two or more objects are moved further away from the centre if they are often recognized. I have successfully implemented one staircase in this format:

staircase1 = data.QuestHandler(6, startValSd=2,
    pThreshold=0.63, gamma=0.5, ntrial=1,
    minVal=5, maxVal=14, range = 10)

And I can call it in this format:

for thisIncrement in staircase1:
    # Variance for xpos
    xpos = np.cos(thred)*(thisIncrement)

However, I cannot get this to work with multiple staircases - even less so when I am trying to run them inside of a loop (this would be needed as I need to define which object is the target, what the lures are etc in a controlled, randomized manner before running each participant.

I have a mock-setup of how the experiment could look that you guys should be able to run without any files etc.

My current setup (requires stimulus files to run).

Do you any of you have an idea about how I can implement one (or maybe even multiple) staircase(s) into this setup?

Thanks for taking your time tp read my post. I hope, you can help me onwards