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Images not linking to the experiment online

For my experiment, in some blocks, I show one image at each trial. In some blocks, I show two images at the same time for each trial. In some other blocks, I show 6 images at the same time for each trial.
The (confusing) problems:

  1. In the block where each trial show two images, although most of the times both images show up, sometimes only one image show. When the image show successfully, the corresponding line in the console shows that there’s a link to the image (src = blob::http://…). But when the image doesn’t show, the line reads: setting the image of ImageStim: imageLeft with argument: undefined. In another word, the image isn’t linked to the file somehow.
  2. In the block where each trial should show 6 images, none of the images show up. Each line corresponding to the image is : WARN setImage visual-3.2.js 119 | setting the image of ImageStim: image5 with argument: undefined.

I’m circulating the images for this experiment. All images needed have been successfully uploaded. This seems a website bug, but I don’t really know.

Anyone has had a similar problem and how do you deal with it? Thanks!

I don’t think this is a issue with the files failing to upload. I think it’s to do with the image being set to None (e.g. with empty cells in the spreadsheet, or an entire empty row eeven). To get useful help please provide a link to the study in question and tell use what version of psychopy you’re using, as shown in the template discussion post

Hi, I don’t think the image has ever been set to None. (The experiment works on my personal computer and for all 1-image trials and most 2-image trials. And I’ve checked many times and still haven’t found anything wrong with my JS codes.)

Yes the files are all uploaded I believe. It just seems that when the program calls the image, the image doesn’t show up sometime.

This is an experiment for my lab, so I don’t think I can share it publicly. Can I email it to you or share with you privately, if my PI permits? Thanks!

Yes you can send me the link privately if needed. Public means there are more potential eyes willing to look at it, but if you’re prepared to wait for my eyes to have time that’s fine! :wink:

Thank you! You were right that some of my images weren’t defined. I checked my code again and found that when translating my py code to js, I mistyped a number. I do hope that psychopy js debugging could get easier someday tho.

Yes, indeed. We’re working on ways to perform some debugging locally and also to try and trap problems further in advance. Hard code to write to detect these things though, to be honest, because of the number of potential mistakes we need to look for. :-/