Image stop condition : end of microphone recording

(Standalone PsychoPy 3.2.4. for Windows10)


I would like stop the presentation of an image at the same time as the end of microphone
During this image presentation, there is a recording of person’s voice who is descripting it, during 50 sec.
But if the image stays at screen, we don’t know recording is finished …

I don’t know what code I should write in “stop condition”.

I have tried : event.getMicrophoneStatus(‘off’) or microphone.status==FINISHED.

No results …

I hope I am clear enough.
I have no succeed found a solution after long researches and don’t kwow anything about Python code …

In advance thanks a lot for your help!

Can’t you just use the same settings you use to stop the microphone component?

Microphone records during 50 secondes but it starts at the first word of person who describes the image (when examinator press the keyboard).

It is done for persons with a neurological disease : they could wait before beginning the description.

That’s why I can’t stop image after 50 sec, maybe recording won’t be finished…

Yes, random guessing generally isn’t likely to work with computer programming. Computer languages are very fussy about having the correct names of objects to refer to.

You need to refer to the specific microphone object you created in Builder. By default this would be called, say, mic_1 but you might have used a different name. So in this case, try:

name_of_your_microphone_component.status == FINISHED

Also please provide the full text of any error messages that occur: this really helps us to answer questions more quickly.

It runs! I haven’t thought to calling the microphone by its exactly name. Thank you so much for your great help!

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