Image showing with code component after a component finished

Hello! I am trying to show an arrow picture when the participant gives respond to a slider component. I try to writea code like this but it did not work. Is there anyone that can help me about this? Ekran Alıntısı2

Hello Arzu Coşkun

you are not very specific about what did not work. So my answer might not address your problem, but

imgOpc == 1

is appropriate for a logical comparison not an assignment. I assume that you want to assign a value to imgOpc

imgOpc = 1

So just one = instead of two equal signs as you used.

Best wishes Jens

Thank you Jens Boelte for asnwering my question!

The problem is when the response is given to a slider component, arrow image is not showing and slider trial continues, does not end. I tried to apply your suggestion but the problem is not solved.

Hello Arzu Coşkun

to end a trial use

continueRoutine = false

The better you describe what you want to achieve the better is the help that you get. :wink:

Best wishes Jens