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IDT fixation implementation

Hi everyone, is there anybody who used IDT fixation algorithm to get the fixations? if any body please respond and I need few suggestions for implementation.
thank you :slight_smile:


If you provide a bit more information, it might help potential helpers help out! For example, what is the IDT fixation algorithm? A user might be unfamiliar with the technique, but might be able to implement it easily.

Hi @JimGrange. The IDT algorithm is well known amongst eye movement people but I guess the missing detail (as to why there has been no reply to date) is more about how @Santosh_Reddy actually wants to use it. We need more detail there.

Are we talking online calculation or offline? The ioHub eye tracking software provides for offline analysis options (have to check if it uses IDT or something else). I can’t recall what it might do online…

Thank you for replying @JimGrange @Michael .Yea @Michael i have to compute the fixations while doing an experiment, from the fixations Ii should plot the fixation areas on the screen along with the user eye movement. and @JimGrange IDT is an dispersion based algorithm to find out the fixations from tracking data.
If anything i missed out let me know michael.