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Ideas how to integrate Pupil Labs to PsychoPy?

Hi there! Could anyone say, please, if there are any possibilities to implement Pupil Labs API to ioHub? Perhaps it’s not extremely difficult to add a new device to eyetrackers?)) Thank you very much!

If anyone was looking for solution:

We use Pupil Labs API:

from zmq_socket import ZMQsocket
from time import sleep, time

remote_ip = ''
# local
# remote_ip = ''
print('Make sure the ports match with Pupil Capture Remote Plugin and the one in')
port = '50020'
socket = ZMQsocket(remote_ip,port)
# Grab the time module for timesync
time_fn = time
# Sync time
#  Start the notifications plugin
socket.notify({'subject': 'start_plugin', 'name': 'Annotation_Capture', 'args': {}})

And in the routine you want to send an annotation:
socket.annotation('90', 0)

In the end of experiment:
socket.stop_recording() (3.3 KB)