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I want to get image-size

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hi everyone. I want to know image size.

The experiment show a image, I want to know image-size.

I use image-component but, I can’t understand image-size.

Can you tell me the specifics of Psychopy’s image size settings?

Also, is there any way to output the image size in dpi to csv?

Didn’t you create the images? If so, you should know the original image sizes (in pixels). You can use this information to calculate the aspect ratio so you can present the image at the desired size in height units.

e.g. [aspectRatio*sizeY,sizeY]

Is image size define image/screen-solution?

ex: width = 0.5, height = 0.5, screen solution = 2560 * 1440
Is image solution 1280 * 720?

In height units .5,.5 in your example would be 720x720. In norm units it would be 640x360.