I have trouble with long audios in all libraries (and don't know how to install PYO)

I am creating my experiment in builder (I am using v2020.1.2, and this experiment will be ONLINE), I have audios of 10 seconds to 3 minutes, I have tried all libraries but I have problems with all of them:

PTB: Audio sounds distorted (like with a different voice)
PYO: The experiment does not run and says that the library is not installed (how do I install this?)
Sounddevice: It sounds very clean, but at points the audio cuts for a second (I also received a message saying this is not the most accurate time-wise)
Pygame: Plays the first audio perfectly, but does not move to the next one.

Please, ANY guidance will be very much appreciated this is an experiment where timing is very important, as when they are listening to the audio a written cue appears on the screen at a very specific moment.

If the aim is to run the study online then the choice of lib will be irrelevant - online the browser will handle the playing of sounds. Depending on exactly how precise you need the timing, online might not even be suitable. PsychoJS is doing as well as any package in this regard but none of the online study packages have really nailed audio timing on every browser (because of the fact that the browser is handling it and each handles it differently)
See our timing megastudy for more info https://peerj.com/articles/9414/