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I can't save data as Excel data file


I am a undergraduate student and amateur new builder.
I try learning PsychoPy myself for research that I carry out as a volunteer.

While i am working on my project, I noticed that program don’t save data as Excel data file. I looked “:ExperimentSettings / Data” and selected “Save excel file” but didn’t work. It save just as “.csv”, “.log” and “.psydat”.

I need save data as “.xlsx”. I don’t know how use “.csv” or “.log” on SPSS.

It’s too important for me.
Thanks for helps from now.

OS: Win10
PsychoPy version: 1.84

I’ve read on these forums that they will no longer be supporting using excel for saving data. You might find this annoying, but there are good reasons for this. I don’t know which reasons the creators of psychopy would cite, but excel is annoying to program for, and can is very intrusive and its autoformatting can even introduce errors into your data.

A .csv file can very easily be imported into excel, and saved as “xlsx” if you wish. Google “import csv file into excel” for your version of excel, because the steps have changed a lot over the years. (It’s amazing to me how complicated they can make such a simple task). You might even be able to right-click and open with excel, I’m not sure.

Also if you’re curious, check out LibreOffice, which is free, and handles csv files much more gracefully.

And actually, now that I reread your post, you should just avoid excel altogether and import the .csv file directly into SPSS. This tutorial was the first result of a google search. Look at the section “Importing data from a text file”. Pay particular attention to the last step, since you can save your choices and import similar files very quickly in the future.

Thank you.
Your reply come in useful for me.

You’re very welcome Mehmet. If you get a chance, please mark that as the answer, so that we know this has been solved. Have a great day, and good luck!