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How to set a specific number of repetitions in a loop


I’m using PsychoPy v.1.85.4 on High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D102).
I’m trying to build my first experiment with an instruction slide, then a loop of 5 repetitions of 3 possible trials (3 .bmp images) and I’d like it the experiment to end after one loop.

When I run the experiment, the trials are presented indefinitely.

Many thanks for your input,

Test01.psyexp (8.5 KB)

Your exp should run 15 trials i.e. 3 trials x 5 repetitions. If you need to reduce/increase the nr of repetitions you could open the “trials” loop and set the nReps $ field to any number you wish.

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Hi Yannis,

Thanks for your help. It makes more sense to me now.