How can I set up a 10 repeats per a trial when I have 8 stimuli in my conditions column?

I am trying to set up 10 reapets in one trial, but I have 8 Stimuli in the conditions column. I am wondering if you tell me how to repeat the least 2 stumili in the same trial ramdomizely. As I can understand, Psychopy allows you to stablish a number of trials according each conditions, so, if I set 1 trail per my 8 stimuli, I will get just 8 repeatitions.Then, I could not achieved the 10 reapets of the conditions that I have.

I might use a code alternative, however, I do not know several stuff of python grammar because I am new in programming.

You can achieve 10 repetition with 8 stimuli this way: set the loop to have 2 random repetition for a total of 16 trial, and insert a code component that ends the loop after 10 trials.


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Thank you, How can I end the loop after 10 trial? I mean, do you now what I would type in the code component? I do not have enough knowledge about coding in Python.

This should work: