How to save a custom .csv file (generated at the beginning of the experiment) to the experiment's GitLab repo?

At the beginning of the online experiment, I loaded a .csv file stored in the GitLab repo using a code component. Next, I modify the .csv file for a complex pseudo randomization routine.

Now I would like to save the modified .csv file to the Gitlab repo such that when the next participant starts the experiment, the modified .csv file can be loaded.

However, I was not able to achieve this.

Therefore, three questions:

  1. Is it possible to save a .csv file directly into the Gitlab repo
  2. Could I use [Shelf] to do so?
  3. How to achieve this in javascript?

I’m really not used to javascript – my humble attempt at the moment is as follows:

const csvFilePath = '/some/path/some_file.csv';

// Load the CSV file using PapaParse
Papa.parse(csvFilePath, {
  header: true,
  download: true,
  complete: function(results) {
    const tripletInfo =;

    // Do stuff --> modify the .csv file


    // Save the modified data to a CSV file using PapaParse
    const csvData = Papa.unparse(tripletInfo);
    const csvBlob = new Blob([csvData], { type: 'text/csv;charset=utf-8;' });
    const csvUrl = URL.createObjectURL(csvBlob);
    const downloadLink = document.createElement('a');
    downloadLink.href = csvUrl; = csvFilePath;

Thanks in advance!