How to put object to a specific place?

I have inserted two picture to my experiment. And I want participants to find differences in between those pictures. In order to do so, I am adding transparent objects (circles) to differences so when they click on those objects they will be able to get a feedback.

However, I have no idea how to insert an object to a specific part of the image.
I know that we can write coordinates but how can I know the image’s specific part’s coordinate?

Thank you in advance, I’d really appreciate any help.

You could probably calculate the correct position in some way. But it might be faster to just put the images in a toy experiment with a mouse component, click the correct locations and record the coordinates of the click. These you could then use to place the circles.

I ended up trying again and again to find the right positions :sweat_smile: It worked but took a while. Your suggestion makes sense. I would like to try it too just to learn. I’m a beginner so I don’t know much about this program. How do I get data to an excel sheet? I looked it up on psychophy’s info page but they only wrote information about what excel file gives you, no information about how to get the excel file.

So for example for you suggestion, how can I record and get the coordinates in an excel file?