How to place my picture and rating scale properly?


I am very novice in Psychopy and programming in general but trying to use a rating scale to rate a picture randomly out of the three pictures I have. However, the rating scale is shown in my picture and does not look good at all. Is there any way I can present two items (my picture and the rating scale) in a proper way? Thank you much.

win=psychopy.visual.Window ([1000,1000], fullscr=False,checkTiming=True, color='black')
my_rating = visual.RatingScale(win, low=0, high=100, labels= ('no', 'yes'),  stretch = 2, lineColor = 'Black', markerColor = 'Black', textColor = 'Black', singleClick = True, mouseOnly = True) 
item= psychopy.visual.ImageStim  (win=win, image=var2,  units='norm', size=[2,2])
for i in images:
   my_rating.setDescription(scale = i)
while my_rating.noResponse:

rating = my_rating.getRating()
decisionTime = my_rating.getRT()
print (var2, rating, decisionTime)

Every PsychoPy stimulus class has a pos attribute to specify its position. As you haven’t provided a pos value for either one, they each default to (0, 0), being the centre of the screen.

Simply provide a value that will locate each stimulus where you want it. e.g. pos = (200, -150) might locate a stimulus 200 pixels above and 150 pixels to the left of centre, if the units for the window or stimulus are set to be 'pix'. The range of values varies substantially, depending on the units being used:

Thank you very much :)))
It is solved