How to override default font (helvitica bold) because it crashes the experiment?

When my program launches I get an error that the google font website is unreachable if the PC i’m using doesn’t have internet.

I’m not sure if this will happen every time, as I cannot currently get internet to the respective PC.

How would I go about making it so that the font “Helvetica bold” is not even loaded, and I load a default font?


it is not quite clear what you are referring to. Where do you load or set the font to Helvetica bold? Usually, I think it is OpenSans, at least on a Win-PC. Setting the font in a textbox is done via the format tab.


Best wishes Jens

I think Helvetica is one of the backup fonts it falls back on as it’s usually installed - try setting the font in your component to be the name of one which you know is installed locally.

ok I switched to arial and hopefully that does it! The attached screenshot shows the error message. I’ll post back if the problem occurs again