How to mute sound in movie component on trial-by-trial basis

Hi all,

I’m working on creating a simple program in builder (currently using version 2022.2.4 on Windows 10) that will present speech clips in audiovisual, audio-only, and visual-only conditions.

I am working with .mp4 files and the movie component. The audiovisual trials are simply the component’s default playback and the audio-only trials can be easily created by specifying an opacity of 0 in the conditions file so the video can’t be seen. I had intended to take the same approach for the visual-only trials by specifying the volume as 0 in the conditions file but, as far as I can tell, there is no option to ‘set every repeat’ for the volume like there is for opacity. I did give using a variable from the conditions file a try but got this error:

Expt\", line 102, in
loop=False, volume=Vol_Level,
NameError: name ‘Vol_Level’ is not defined

In the past I have worked with speech stimuli consisting of separate sound and movie files that could be manipulated independently but I’m not sure that will be an option in this case. If anyone has ideas on how to mute sound in the movie component on a trial-by-trial basis I would very much appreciate it.