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How to move ratingScale marker continuously when key is down

Dear all:

I have a problem related to the ratingScale:
In my experiment, in the end of each block, the participant are required to rating their feeling from 1-100. This task was following the previous experiments in our lab (but previous experiment used Presentation, and I want to switch to psychopy).

I tried the following code:

visual.RatingScale(win = win, low = 0, high = 100, precision = 3, ...)

It worked for rating, but, during the pilot study, participant told us that the rating was very ineffective because they need to press the key many times to move the marker to the position they desired .

I searched on google, and found some suggestions that us io.hub to solve the problem:

However, I have difficult to integrate the this code with the RatingScale function, because I am a beginner to python.

So I am wondering whether someone may encountered similar problems and can help me out?

Many thanks.