How to make myPolygon 0.35 height units to the right or left of the screen, 50% of the time?

I try to make an experiment. In this experiment, i have two shapes (triangle and rectangle). These two shapes randomly be green or red. At the same time, these shape must be randomly 0.35 height units to right or left of the center on the screen. However, i try to prepare condition excel and write a colomn ‘myPosition’ and go back my polygon and i wrote position $myPosition and ı added code. In the code, i wrote myShapepos= myPosition in the ‘begin routine’ tab. Unfortunately, this is not gonna be happened :frowning: could you help me?

I would suggest having one column in your excel file for the x position e.g. this_x of your target and then in your polygon > position field use (this_x, 0) and set that field to “set every repeat”

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