Change orientation of Polygon (Triangle) across trials: Flanker Task

If this template helps then use it. If not then just delete and start from scratch.

PsychoPy version v2021.2.3

I am aiming to use an excel spreadsheet to adjust the orientation of a polygon triangle from left to right (orientation 270 or 90 degrees). To do this on multiple trials I will use a spreadsheet but I don’t know how to input this information into the spreadsheet so that the trial loop will read it to change the orientation of the polygon?

Mnay thanks,


Hello Seline,

add a column, for instance ori, to your Excel-file

and refer to the column by its name in the polygon-properties-layout tab. Don’t forget to set it to set every repeat.


In the example the orientation of the triangle will change to up, right, down, and left.

Best wishes Jens

Thank you Jens!