How to make a global form rotate?


I am trying to create a squared pattern of evenly spaced crosses that rotates around fixation, similar to the one here.
I’ve managed to have a static pattern that looks somewhat the one I need with this:

grid = visual.ElementArrayStim(win,
    elementTex=None, elementMask='cross', nElements =100,
    fieldSize=(11, 11), sizes=(1.25, 1.25), 
    xys = np.mgrid[10:-10:10j, -10:10:10j].transpose(1,2,0).reshape(100,2), 
    colors=[-1.0000, -1.0000, -0.4510])

Now, I can make the single crosses rotate (by changing their orientation at each frame) but not the entire field (which is what I need, the single crosses need to remain aligned as they are).
Does anybody have any idea on how to implement this?

Thank you so much in advance!!!

I’ve not used the element array stim (mostly because I focus on solutions that work online) but I could certainly do this with an array of cross polygons using trig to calculate the positions of the crosses for a given orientation.