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How to insert a questionnaire in the experiment that presents different kinds of questions?

I wish to to ask participants different questions presented on the same page, for example:

  • Sex (choose between two options)
  • Age (write a number)
  • SES (three sliders from (1) low to (5) high)
  • Political affiliation (multiple preselected options plus the ability to add a different answer)

Instead of asking every question on a different slide, I want it presented simultaneously. Is there any way to do this? Preferably using the Builder? (though I don’t mind writing simpler Py code)

Offline you could use a Form component.

The Form component doesn’t work online? Unfortunately, I need to use it online.

In that case your current best options are embedded html.

I’m having scroll issues on some browsers with my demographics demo so you might want to try @thomas_pronk’s formio method. You can see links to both in PsychoPy Online Demos

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Thank you so much!