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Collecting open answers and survey asnwers


After my experiment I would like to include a questionnaire (Big Five and anxiety scale) as well as some open questions such as age, education etc. In Builder I include the PsychoPy survey element, enter the file name with the questions but it always returns an error. I am sure its too little what I am doing but I could not find better instructions about the Builder. Many thanks!

Hi @Katharina_Kuhne, text responses are not currently supported in the Form component, but this is a work in progress and will soon have editable text components. In the mean time, take a loop at the text input demo on Pavlovia. This shows you an example of using code to present user input from the keyboard, onscreen, in both local and online studies.

url :

Thank you ever so much for your fast response!

Is a survey currently supported? Say, would I be able to offer the Big Five inventory?

The Form component is not online yet, but rather than use the Form for online tasks, you could present questions and collect responses one at a time, rather than presenting all questions on screen simultaneously. This is easily done and is compatible locally and online, e.g., see the attached

questions.csv (51 Bytes)
survey.psyexp (7.2 KB)

Thanks a lot, the idea with the Form works well. The only problem is that the participants cant change their response as it is usually the case, because it already moves to the next question.

I still have question about the free answer displaying on the screen - I could not figure out what segment of the code and where is needed. I am sorry, I do not know python that well. Many thanks again!