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Hello all,

I’m trying to create a Questionnaire-Battery on PsychoPY - I have several questionnaires to be filled out by subjects.

I’d like to organize the log file a bit. Currently it looks like this:

The responses of the first questionnaire are on Coloum P, the responses of the second one are on coloumn AF (see the 2nd picture) but they are located in rows that are below the rows of the data from the first questionnaire…

I was wondering if;

  • there is any way to put the responses from different questionnaires next to each other in the Excel file, rather than putting them on top of each other like this?

  • there is a way for me to decide which answer item is going to logged as, for example, “1” and which as “2” etc? Right now, PsychoPY automatically logs the responses starting from 0 to how many responses are there, depending on their order on the survey

  • there is any good tutorials on organizing the log files (maybe with codes) that you are aware of? :smiley:

Thank you!

Edit: I unfortunately have some other minor issue. When I present a survey that has, say 50ish items, the PsychoPY works incredibly slow. You cannot click on the answer items even. It recognizes after clicking maybe 5 times. I tried it on different computers alreay. One solution, I thought, would be to present the questionnaire items in seperate pages. Is there a way to achieve this in one Form component, withouth creating multiple Form components? - The questionnaire I’m talking about basically look like this:


you name your questionnaires differently, APSItemText, ASR5ItemText, which is the reason that the responses are stored in different columns. You are probably using two different routines to present your questionnaires instead of using one routine twice.

Best wishes Jens

Hello @JensBoelte

Thanks for the reply. It is true that I name my questionnaires differently because they are seperate questionnaires and I want the responds to be stored seperately for each questionnaire.

And I have tried using one routine several times to present differrent questionnaires, but so far could not manage to succeed. I tried changing the opacity of each questionnaire (with an excel file) so that with each iteration of the loop, only one of the questionnaires will have the opacity value of 1 and hence be presented. However, the PsychoPY was working verrrryy very slow… Besides, I also have a “Submit” button that appears after all the questions within the routine are answered. It is easy to do with seperate routines but don’t know how to do achieve it in one routine.

Is there maybe a way to choose the “Disable Component” option, with an excel file or a code? I thought maybe this could be a solution to the problem? I tried to index it with setDisable(1) and something similar but didn’t work…

Some more pictures to describe what I’ve been doing:

(In the picture above: I normally tick the “Force end of routine” option for the Submit button, when I put the questionnaires in seperate routines…)


just use a variable to signal the particular questionnaire via an extra column in your excel-sheet. You don’t need an extra routine. What kind of answers do want: rating, yes-no, open-answers? Do you want to present all questions at the same time or one after the other?

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,

I have many many questionnaires and each have multiple choice answers. The content of the answers are of course also different in each questionnaire. I would like to present max 10-12 questions at one slide (or, display?), because when I put more psychopy works very slow.

I tried to signal the questionnaires via a coloumn in my excel sheet like below, but it did not work. I am probably doing something wrong here but couldn’t figure it out?:

An example of a questionnaire-excel file where the items are stored:

Also, a bit of an unrelated question but: In one of the questionnaire, one answer item is a long sentence. And no matter what I tried, I could not make it appear in a good way. To demonstrate better, it looks messy like here:

I have tried changing the itemWidth, responseWidht, layout (all three can be defined on an excel sheet for a Form component, as you probably know) and also changing the layout setting for the Form component on Builder (like, item padding, size, etc). That long answer item always appears in multiple lines and the result is messy. Do you maybe have an alternative solution by any chance?

Thanks again!


what is your reason for using PsychoPy instead of using a software tailored to do questionnaires? PsychoPy can be used for questionnaires but there are other programs which might be better suited.

I would use PsychoPy to present some questions in the run of an experiment but not for questionnaire only-experiment.

Why not one question per page/display?

You could insert \n to force a line break.

Notice that the component Form is still beta. You might be better of presenting one question at a time by using the text-component and a slider.

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,

actually you are right. I will most likely switch to LimeSurvey or something else that is already tailored to do questionnaires.

I just wanted to experiment with PsychoPY a bit but I realized it is not the best way if one administers many questionnaires.

Nevertheless, thanks for all the help! :slight_smile:


an alternative might be formr (

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for the advice, will check it out! :slight_smile: