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How to have response checking longer that just one routine time?

Im new to Psychopy. Im designing a simple RSVP task.
I need to receive a keyboard response after a target routine(e.g. *) is appeared. there is no stop for response and participant should press the key while next routines are appearing.
the intertarget intervals are 3000 ms. during this time period, participant can respond.

But when I define a response in builder mode, it becomes a component of the target routine. and if I set the response duration for 3000 ms it just prolongs that * routine.

Is there any way I can set it to check for response during trials? so that * routine termination is not dependent on the response duration? something like global component in coder?

No you would need to use code for this, but the code to check for a keypress and save it into your data file is pretty easy

may I know where I can learn about it?

You could:

  • look at the code output from Builder for you existing experiment
  • look at the demos in the Coder view to see how it works to access keys
  • attend a workshop training you more fully in how to create more advanced studies

best wishes,