How to give a sound feedback?

Hi all! I am trying to give a feedback after a trial but failed. I hope when the correct is right, it play a sound (‘good.wav’), when the correct is wrong, it play noting. But now, whether my answer is correct or incorrect, it all provides audible feedback.
any idea for this problem?

Can you please provide how you determine which answer is correct/incorrect?
Where do you trigger the sound?


Hi, thanks for your reply!

My experiment was to play two sounds quickly to determine if the first one was a high tone (press ‘up’) or a low tone (press ‘down’), these were set up via excel. I will show this in the diagram below.

I set sound_3 properties and code together to trigger the sound playback, but I think there are some problems.

any idea for this problem?


try this

if if not key_resp.keys:
    soundfile = "failedToRespond.wav"
elif key_resp.corr:
   soundfile = "good.wav"
  soundfile = "bad.wav"

Best wishes Jens