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How to display the same randomly generated stimuli in two different locations at the same time

For reference I am using psychopy version 2020.1.3, and a windows 10 operating system.

I am trying to create a version of the spatial cueing task that fits with Fox et al’s (2002) version. Is this version, the same stimulus (in this case words) is displayed twice on one side of the screen, within a box. Here is an image.spatialcueing

My main difficulty is that all the stimuli are stored in an excel file and shown in a random order using the random loop function. Can I display the same word at the same time as shown in the image above without the random loop function interfering and making the two words different?

I am using a text stimulus to present the text, and currently in the text box is “$word” in order to pull it from excel. I have tried having $word $word which psychopy did not like.

I hope that makes sense, please let me know if I need to explain anything further.

I am doing everything in builder and reluctant to use any code as I have found this tends to complicate things!

Any help would be appreciated!

$word +"\n\n"+word

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Well now you couldn’t have made that any easier for me!

Thank you :star_struck: