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How to debug the psychojs code in webstorm?

I met some problems when trying to debug the psychojs code in webstorm , I put the html directory (output by the builder) into the webstorm, but the debugger remind me that “ReferenceError: PsychoJS is not defined”. Does anyone know how to use webstorm to debug psychojs code?

I don’t know anything about webstorm, but that error looks like the psychojs lib hasn’t been found/imported

where can I find the psychojs lib so that I can import

The scripts won’t run locally (at the moment) so I’m not sure you even can debug with webstorm. The best way to debug the script would be to use the tools in the browser (Chrome and Firefox both have built-in debugging tools).

But the direct answer to your question is that you’d have to change the import statements from:
to (I think)