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How to create adaptive staircase within a random loop?

Hi all! My problem is more conceptual as opposed to there being anything wrong with the actual coding portion.

I am trying to create a 2AFC experiment whereby participants hear two words and are asked to select on the screen which word they think they heard. This is within a randomised loop where loading of the stimuli & selecting the correct answer etc is all fine. These words will be played with noise at different SNRs which are separate wav files created at different dB so as to generate different SNRs. These files are loaded in an excel file with the ‘index’ of each dB file (eg. 1, 2, 3 ). I am trying to make it so that the experiment is a staircase whereby if a participant makes a mistake (misidentifies the word they heard), the SNR increases (the index goes up/down).

How do I do this so that both of the loops are ‘running at the same time’? Also, do I need to have both parameters (the word audio files & noise files) in the same excel file which I load at the beginning of the experiment or something of the sort? BTW. I am using the coder. I would appreciate any help - thank you!