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Adaptive Staircase Using .wav Files


I am using v3.1.5 on a Mac OS.

I am trying to create a 2AFC auditory duration thresholding experiment using an adaptive staircase in which the participant hears 1 tone and then has to decide which of the two following tones sounds different (participant hears 3 tones in all). The auditory stimuli have been created in Praat and saved as .wav files. I would like the staircase to pull the appropriate .wav file on each repeat based on performance on the previous trial.

The adaptive staircase is working and I can run through the whole experiment, but instead of progressing through .wav files it is using only the minVal and maxVal from my conditions file (attached here along with the experiment file) in the adaptive staircase. I have included the following code in its own routine :

sound_value = level
target = (“Example sounds/”+ str(sound_value)+".wav")

as recommended in an older post (Google Groups).

Does anyone know how I might be able to call on a new .wav file with each repetition beyond the minVal and maxVal .wav files? Any help would be much appreciated.

conditionsPrac.xlsx (8.6 KB)
DD_AdapStair_TestPrac.psyexp (19.6 KB)