How to connect experiments?

I created four independent experiments in Builder, all for the same study.
To facilitate procedures, I would like to run the experiments one after the other without having to re-enter the participant and session.
Of course, I could try to put all experiments into one flow. However, I am worried that this will weaken performance due to loading times.
I read in the forum that there are efforts to enable / simplify a combination of experiments. Does this option already exist? If so, I would be very happy if someone could explain it to me.
I would also be happy about any other solution suggestion or advice.

Thank you.

Are these running locally or online?

Online you can do what’s called “daisy chaining”, which basically means you set the completion URL in the experiment settings of the first experiment to be a link to the second experiment, with the values from expInfo supplied as URL parameters using [this syntax] (A Guide to URL Parameters). You can then do the same thing from the second experiment to the third and so on, as many times as you like.

Thank you.

I’m planning to run it locally. Is there a solution for this case?

We’re working on it, but as of yet it’s quite difficult to run experiments locally straight from one another. The best way around it is probably to save the expInfo dict as a JSON file then load it at the start of the next experiment, using a :code: Code component in each experiment. You can then disable the expInfo dialog for the latter experiment so it doesn’t pop up twice.

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If millisecond precision isn’t an issue and you have a site license (so aren’t worried about credits) then you could also use Pavlovia and daisy chain online experiments for local use.