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How to allow the mouse cursor to cross the upper screen edge?

I would need to allow the mouse cursor to cross the upper edge of the screen. And ideally to activate/deactivate this option with some python code. I couldn’t find any clue about how to do that. Any idea?

The reason why:

I am coding an psychology experiment in python (psychopy). I must constantly deviate the mouse cursor downward when in moves in a certain area of the screen. I was doing that by changing the cursor position accordingly to the desired deviation with some pymouse/psychopy functions.

However, when I ran this experiment on a new computer (I must), it froze systematically. So I tried a new method: displaying a shape (a circle) in psychopy which moves accordingly to the real cursor+deviation, while keeping the real cursor unchanged (just hiding it). However, as the real cursor isn’t allowed to cross the upper edge of the screen, it is blocked at a certain height, which impedes the movements of the secondary circle cursor I created. In other words, this secondary cursor can’t move as high as it should, because the real cursor cannot go higher than the upper edge of the screen.

If you have any tips about the fuller issue, please let me know!