How to allow a 4 seconds response in PsychoPy?


I have just built an experiment where participants will listen to sequences of words and need to decide if they heard the word before or didn’t. They should be given only 4 seconds to respond. Can anyone please help where I set it in the builder? I’m sure it must be something obvious, but I can’t figure out where it is…


I think the easiest way without any coding will be, along with the response component (keyboard, mic?) to also set a text component for 4 seconds without any content. The task should move to the next trial whether the text component finishes or a response is given, whichever comes first.

Edit: or just set the response component’s duration to 4 seconds? Depends on the order of routines and components. You need to provide screenshots or a minimal .psyexp

Hi Yiannis,

Thanks! Yes, I just set everything to 4 sec in that routine and it solved the issue for me.

Best wishes,