How to access QUEST+ output in interleaved staircase

Hopefully a straightforward question. I have a staircase procedure currently using regular QUEST. I’m trying to convert it to QUEST+ and have selected parameters that seem to work, i.e. the staircase eventually terminates and the intensities being sampled seem sensible. I’m doing this for two interleaved staircases using the builder.

The issue is that I can’t seem to access the parameters of the QUEST+ staircase, e.g. threshold and slope. The estimates do not appear in my csv file (only the Staircase.Intenstiy is output per trial), and calling any combination of QuestPlusHandler.paramEstimate[‘threshold’] or Staircase.paramEstimate[‘threshold’] doesn’t seem to help (the former is not defined, the latter does not have the paramEstimates value inside it).

Can someone point me to the correct syntax to access those parameters from QUEST+ in a multistair object?