How psychtoolbox collect subject information on the python platform?

How psychtoolbox collect subject information on the python platform?

Can you please provide a much more detailed and focused question? This is a bit too general to be answerable at this stage.

We usually collect or input subject information in Psychopy as bellow.

import psychopy

subject_infor = psychopy.gui.Dlg(title=“subject_information”)

#add gui option to collect subject information




My question is, does the Psychtoolbox of Python have some functions to do similar things?

pip install psychtoolbox

psychtoolbox 3.0.16

The aspects of Psychtoolbox that have been ported to Python (and are hence available to PsychoPy) are just for handling keyboard responses and playing audio stimuli. You would continue to do everything else as you would with your current PsychoPy-based code.

e.g. to get better keyboard response handling, you should now use the new Keyboard class rather than the older event module. The Keyboard class uses Psychtoolbox behind the scenes - you don’t need to even refer to Psychtoolbox directly yourself:

Thank you very much!