Does Anaconda install on Linux automatically use PTB

Hi All, Amazing product; that you for this forum. I have installed PsychoPy with anaconda (BTW, does NOT work with Python 3.9, but that is ok). Works fine. Could you tell me if it works with Psychophysical Toolbox routines for superior timing? Thanks, Jeff Rouder,


import psychtoolbox

and see if an error occurs.

Note that if you try to use the new Psychtoolbox-based Keyboard class but the Psychtoolbox module is not actually available, then the code will gracefully fall back to using the deprecated event module, and will log a warning for you. So you won’t get an error in practice, but need to be aware that you would be getting less than optimal performance in that situation.

See here for notes on installing PTB on Linux - I’m not sure if that is relevant if you’re also using Anaconda though - hopefully someone with more Linux nous can chip in here.

Yes, the linux install instuctions for the psychtoolbox libs and python wrapper also work when using the psychopy anaconda env on linux, just be sure that the psychopy conda env is active when running the pip install psychtoolbox step.

Thx all, Following the Anaconda instructions at the Download page definitely installed PTB routines.