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How can I synchronize and register data from an external device (in this case EDA) with my task in PsychoPy?

I have installed the PsychoPy v1.85.4 on my Windows 7; I am using the Builder to create my study.
I will use this experimental protocol in an MRI study, and during the acquisitions I also want to collect Skin Conductance Response (EDA) data, with an external device. This device communicates with my computer though a Serial Port. Is it possible to synchronize this data acquisition and get Inputs from the EDA device recorded in the PsychoPy excel output? If yes, how can I do that?

Thank you for your help,

Hi Ana, this question isn’t answerable with the current level of detail. Try reading this and give it another shot:

i.e. describe in more detail what you want to do and how your equipment communicates.