How can I change the colour and the font type in each line?

Hey! Can I ask you for a help? I don’t understand how can I change the colour in each commend. Every time when I put down in the console a command setColor = [1,1,1] or color = [1,1,1] it doesn’t work :confused:
I’ve got the same problem with setting up two different font types in each msg.

How do you subsequently attempt to use the setColor variable to change the stimulus colour? We can’t tell anything from this code in isolation – it doesn’t do anything other than define the colour you want to use.

Alright. I have a problem because when I use command setColor, my experiment doesn’t run. I am still studying and have no idea how to solve it out.

As above, we need to see how you are trying to use that command. Also if the experiment doesn’t run, then we need to see the error message. Help us to help you…

Thanks for your time but I resolved this problem using command msg_color=“green” and msg_font=“Times New Roman” .