Hosting Psychopy HTML on LAMP ubuntu stack server

URL of experiment:

Description of problem:
We are attempting to adapt the above Spatial Orientation Task (SOT) for online use. The main question is whether we would be able to build the experiment in Psychopy, export the online version as HTML/Js and then host on our own hosted LAMP ubuntu stack webserver. We have an experiment running on that server built using UNITY’s WebGL port ( with integrated PHP scripts for extracting experimental data from the web run application.

We’re wondering whether its possible to do the same thing with Psychopy’s online builds. If this is possible, it would also help to know if we can write custom code that draws a circle to screen, then draws a line from the origin of that circle to wherever the user’s mouse is, and then on click it records the angle difference from North of the circle to wherever the user clicked. See the task linked above for reference.