Help with structuring a Priming experiment

Dear Discourse Community,

I am trying to program a priming experiment using the Builder in PsychoPy v2020.2.5 but I am having a little trouble organizing my dataset file and the routines.

My stimuli are word pairs (ex. TREE – SKY, CAR – BOOK, etc.). Some word pairs are primes, other word pairs are targets and finally there are filler word pairs.

I have two conditions: Neutral and Taboo.

Within each condition, I have 32 trials. A single trial comprises of 3 priming pairs presented one after the other, followed by 1 target pair. Thus, there are 32 trials*4 word pairs = 128 word pairs per condition. For a single trial, the priming pairs and the target pair are fixed and should be presented one after the other, in the order in which they appear in the dataset file. So, no randomization is required within-trial. However, I need to randomize the order of presentation of trials.

Finally, each trial of interest (Neutral or Taboo) should be preceded by filler word pairs. The number of fillers should be randomly attributed and should vary between 3 and 6. I have a total number of 384 fillers (64 trials of interest * 6, the maximum number of fillers to be presented between trials of interest).

So, the sequence should look like this:

Prime Word Pair A1 → Prime Word Pair A2 → Prime Word Pair A3 → Target Word Pair A → Filler 1 → Filler 2 → Filler 3 → Prime Word Pair B1 → Prime Word Pair B2 → Prime Word Pair B3 → Target B → Filler 1, etc.

I need to find a way to organize my Excel sheet (or even better, code component) in a way that it allows to me to present the priming word pairs sequentially, followed by the target, followed by a random number of fillers.

Until now I organized my Excel data sheet as such…
… and tried to present the word pairs one after the other by creating a text component with text $trial_type and a code component with trial_type = Prime1 + Prime2 + Prime3 + Target but as you can guess, this presents all 3 primes + Target simultaneously on the screen instead of sequentially…

Could someone give me some advice on how to structure the data and the trials?

Thank you very much in adance!

All the best,