Help with inserting auditory stimulus

Hi! I am extremely new to psychopy. For my experiment I have coded auditory stimulus in audacity. I have named them for example ‘stimulus_1_no_repeat’ or ‘stimulus_1_repeat’; I have corresponding names in an excel file such as ‘stimulus_1_no_repeat.wav’ (because I exported at a WAV file). I also stated in the excel file what the correct response to the stimulus is: (ie ‘space’ in that the person needs to press the space bar).

I am trying to now insert it into psychopy but am struggling to. I want to randomise all my sequences (I have over 50 in total). With some of them (the reference sequence) I want to have them repeated multiple times at random.

I am also trying to create a welcome page. However, I want the participant to be placed at random in either an ‘explicit’ or ‘implicit’ group. Any help creating these welcome pages and subsequently randomising them.

If anyone could give any advise. I am extremely new to psychopy (as i usually do in-person experiments) so any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!!

Hello! I’m a new user to Psychopy too :slight_smile:

To insert auditory stimulus study, I think this is something that can be done.

In the “sound” box, replace it with $(your excel heading that categorizes your auditory stimuli). Also, i think it might help to save your excel file as csv too :slight_smile:

In your loop, you can specify how many times you want a trial to be repeated! There’s an option for randomization as well :slight_smile:

I’m not very sure about the explicit implicit welcome page thing, but I think that can be created in excel! Specify the implicit and explicit condition within the same excel sheet, and beside it I think you can try writing the text you would like to display in another column. Then in text properties you can put $(column name). But this, I’ve never tried before so maybe you can give it a shot and see how it goes?

I hope this helps!

Btw, do you happen to be familiar with PsychoPy and Pavlovia? Just asking :slight_smile:

Hi!!! Thank you so much for your advice, I will give this a shot and give ya feedback. I am not familiar with PsychoPy or Pavlovia at all - so sorry that I can’t help. :slight_smile: